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[Part 1] How to pick your child's school - The 4 types of schools


Selecting your child’s elementary school can be very hard! Between all the lingo and pressure from other parents it can be confusing to tell what will actually work for your child. In this video I will break down the 4 most common types of schools: assigned public school, magnet/choice public schools, charter schools, and private schools.

Choosing your child’s school takes effort. It is a privilege to be able to consider and attend schools beyond your zip code. As you go through this process reflect not only on how the school will benefit your child, but on how it benefits your community. It is easy to get tricked into thinking a school that serves a specific population is better than others. In my next video I will touch on diversity snd school segregation with some recommended resources.

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Source for school statistics:

Charter schools: In Perspective

00:00 Welcome
01:17 School statistics
02:19 the 4 types of schools
02:42 Assigned Public School
03:41 Magnet and Choice Public Schools
06:02 Charter Schools
08:20 Private Schools
09:01 Special Education and ESL ELL students
9:40 School Tours
10:08 Closing

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