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I met Vivo the Kinkajou! Well, kind of...


Watch Miss Natalie meet the cutest animal around- a kinkajou (honeybear) and realize what a rascal she is! See if she can stay composed as it crawls all over her. Learn a few things and have a laugh at this silly animal.

Kinkajous were featured in the Netflix movie Vivo!

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Use this video to research kinkajous and learn kinkajou facts.

Vocabulary: kinkajou, prehensile tail, honeybear, honey, bear

All these animals live a comfortable life and love being near people! Like many other animals there, Poppy was rescued. You can learn more about A Zoo 2 You Here: Thanks to Kendra and Alison for an incredible day- you made us feel so comfortable around the animals.

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