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North Carolina Teachers Need Help


Reports are showing that workers are logging more hours than ever since the start of the pandemic. Today, Natalie breaks down two reports from Microsoft and Fishbowl to see what is going on. Then gives some tips on how to draw boundaries to get back your work life balance.

The studies and graphs used:

  • Microsoft
  • Fishbowl

Further reading on North Carolina’s Budget and Educator Pay:
“Three reasons why NC still lacks a state budget — and two signs it might be here soon:” - The News & Observer

“A manicurist, Uber driver, and theater worker: Poorly-paid NC teachers work multiple jobs:” - Citizen Times

“NC schools lag in hiring school psychologists, as mental health needs and special education disparities persist:” - WRAL

Teacher shortage fixable with a better state budget: https://www.roanoke-chowannewsherald.... Roanoke-Chowan News Herald

“NC is paying for neglecting nurses and teachers. It’s about to get worse:” The News & Observer

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