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I'm so mad and you should be too


Hello there,

I'm f*kin' pissed.

I never swear in Primary Focus and try to keep it family friendly's Monday night, this newsletter should go out Tuesday, and this is the only thing on my mind. Last Friday, elementary school teacher Abby Zwerner was intentionally shot by her six year old student while teaching a lesson. She is 25. She was shot in the chest by a first grader in front of her classroom full of first graders.

I'm sitting here shaking because I used to have a class full of first graders. I can only imagine the amount of warning signs this child gave leading up to this and the amount of system failures that allowed this to happen.

She is recovering in the hospital still. Before she got help for herself, she made sure all students evacuated her room. She is a hero.

Teachers should not have to be that kind of hero.

If this fires you up, I highly encourage you to contact your local school board and representatives. You can support Abby by donating to her GoFundMe page.

I'll be back next week with something more uplifting, but until then send the teachers you know some love.

Take care,


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