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What are Letter Boxes? Phonics series #2


What's it mean?: When your child learns to spell and read, a whole new world opens up to them. But reading isn't natural and it's our job to get them to independence...

Enter Letter Boxes: You can't spell a long word like independent until you can spell short words. But if you look in the middle, there is a smaller chunk your kiddo may be able to sound out: inde-pen-dent

With a little nudge, any new speller can sound out the word pen ✍️ Elkonin Letter Boxes are a tool used to spell CVC words (consonant vowel consonant). They are a tool used to break down the sounds in a word. Here's an example:

Ok, but how can I use these?: I've got it all covered for you!

⭐︎ First, watch my newest video on using Elkonin Letter Boxes

⭐︎ Then head to my store to download the free letter box practice sheet to try!

⭐︎ If your kid is hooked, try my packet with more words to practice!

Let me know if you tried spelling with a child by responding to this email or reaching out on social media. It's tough at first, but magical once a child gets it! 💫

I'll be back next week to continue my 5 part series on phonics!

Yours in education,


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