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Ain't no hollaback girl 🍌


My apologies for the song: I've asked around and everyone suggested this song for the newsletter. Fun fact- Rachel Zoe trademarked the word let's hope the newsletter doesn't get canceled 🙄

But I digress: Over the past 5 weeks, this series this newsletter explored ways to support your child with phonics. Here are links to each one:

#1 Let's talk phonics

#2 What are letter boxes?

#3 a, e, i, o, u and sometimes...

#4 ...but why is it spelled like that?

Make phonics fun: Phonics is hard work to teach, but as your child's skills grow, it can actually be really fun. There's a whole world of word games out there ranging from rhyming games to scrabble that can get your child thinking. Here are some of my favorites (some links are affiliate links to things I love that I will earn a small commission from. There's no extra cost to you):

⭐︎ a portable spelling game easy for road trips that will have you feeling like you ain't no hollaback girl

⭐︎ a simple game for early spellers- you can upgrade to the harder version when they're ready

⭐︎ a classic game for older spellers that will get the whole family thinking

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