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What's up? I published an article! Since I was in grad school it's been a goal to publish an article on education. I must admit, I did not think it would be about leaving my job, but I'll still check this goal off anyway. Check it out here:

For those of you that know me from my former school, I want you to know I loved working there. I try to make it clear, but there were much larger forces at play that made my job difficult. If anything, the community and PTA at my school kept me in teaching longer. I'll be thinking of you all over the next few weeks as school starts!

What else am I up to? A few weeks ago I visited a farm and soon I will have several family friendly videos out about meeting all the baby animals. Spoiler: there were 4 day old piglets- they were so sweet! I plan to visit some more attractions soon to create virtual field trip videos. Here's a sneak peek!

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