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Homework sucks: It takes a lot of patience to sit next to a child after a long day and encourage them to independently complete something you could do in 30 seconds. I'm going to give you a few simple tips to keep your child on task and model study skills they will need for college and beyond.

  • Use Timers ā±: Timers are an incredible tool that you can use in 2 ways:
    • Use a timer to manage how long it should take to complete a task. If it should take 5 minutes, set the timer for that. Your child may need you to break it down further, like saying "I'm setting the timer for 5 minutes to complete three word problems." You can also use it to split up independent work time and time you'll help them. For example, if they need to write a paragraph, give them 2-3 minutes to work alone, then stop by to help them for a few minutes to help. This builds confidence and accountability.
    • Use timers to manage your child's attention span. They say you get about 2-3 minutes of attention per year old- for a 5 year old that's 10-15 minutes, but that can be far less if they are disinterested. So, set the timer to work 10 minutes, then take a 1-2 minute break to reset their focus.
    • check out cute kid's timers here ā€‹
  • Scaffold their work šŸ—: Scaffolding is an education term that means giving meaningful support to learners. When building a tower, scaffolding will be put up around it. It is adjustable and more or less can be added as needed. Once the building is complete, there is no need to keep up scaffolding. It's the same with learning- you want to help just enough to get your child independent. The goal is to let them stand alone. During homework time, let your child show you what they know first, and just step in as needed. The easiest way to start this is to act dumb, ask them questions about what to do rather than telling them how to do it.


  • Make a physical checklist āœ…: This suggestion came from a follower on instagram! Start with all the assignments and books on the left, and as you complete them stack them up on the right. Every time something is done let you child say "check āœ…." There is something so satisfying about a checklist!

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