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My last week teaching after 10 years


\Hey there,

Sharing my story has been an important part of the videos I make for Primary Focus. Today I am releasing my vlog on my last few weeks teaching. It was hard to go back and watch the footage, but I feel it is important to put out into the world. People in education typically care very deeply about their work and though we are masters of making a lot out of a little, the stakes have gotten too high. I hope you'll watch my newest vlog:

video preview

I want to add here- this captures a really intense few weeks for me. I've taken a lot of time to invest in self care, reflection, and planning my future. I'm happy- very happy - and I can't wait to vlog about what happened next. 😊

On a lighter note I went to see Lizzo last week and it was the best concerts I've ever been to. I love how inclusive she is- she made a sold out audience feel intimate. That was the first concert I've been to in years- so it was about damn time!



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