100 days left in 2023

Fun ways to count down to the new year with your kids

100 days left in 2023
Photo by Estée Janssens / Unsplash
"And I'm just dreaming, counting the ways to where you are" 100 Years by Five for Fighting

100 Days left in 2023!

🎉 This Friday July 22 marks 100 days left in 2023.

This is a fun opportunity to begin a countdown with kids of all ages. Countdowns are a great way to review calendars, counting forward, counting backward, skip counting, and time management.

Here are some simple ways to countdown:

🗓️ ​Print​ or buy a large calendar for your countdown. Let your kiddo cross off the days.

🗓️ Make a ​paper chain​ countdown. This old school craft will leave you feeling nostalgic. Glue 100 paper links together and remove one each day. Great activity for the kids on a rainy day.

🗓️ Fill a jar! Get 100 objects like colorful cotton balls, erasers, crayons etc. Each day put one in the jar.

🗓️ 100 love notes. Get the family together and write 100 love notes to your child. Each day they would get a post-it with a sweet message or drawing. Once they get the hang of it, maybe they can leave a few love notes for you too.

🗓️ Skip Count with straws. Get 100 straws. Each day put one in a cup. Every time you get 10 (or whatever number you chose to skip count) bundle them with a rubber band. As the days go by, you can skip count how many days it has been. Here's an ​easy premade countdown.

What's New?

🎥 New Video: My first livestream was last weekend. If you didn't watch live, you can ​catch the replay here​. Just skip the first 90 seconds where my camera conveniently malfunctioned. It wouldn't be live without a little chaos right?

📱New Strategy: I am changing up the style of my short videos. They will be a little shorter, with more voiceovers. My friend also challenged me to have instagram stories up everyday in September. I'm particularly excited to have more instagram stories up- this is something I have wanted to do, but felt overwhelmed committing to. It's a sign I've gotten more efficient at my work.

🍁 Cute top for fall: I picked up this ​cute top​ from Shop the Mint. It's a loose button down that looks great with leggings or jeans. I got it in army green, but it also comes in linen.

🥤 So good: I got hooked on ​these drinks​ when I tried them at Vidcon. They are a lightly carbonated juice that taste so good. My favorite is sparkling clementine.

🎀 Has anyone tried these? Ok, so I've seen a lot of internet people using these ​heatless curlers​...but do they actually work? Are they comfortable to wear? Let me know- I'm so curious!

Have a great week!