🖍 Let's Work Together

🖍 Let's Work Together


Parents: Need a second opinion? I'm here to help you with analyzing test scores, goal setting for your child, learning plans to remediate or extend your child's learning, or support to choose the right school for your child. I also tutor students on a limited basis kindergarten through second grade.

Learning Plans: All children will reach roadblocks in their schooling. The next steps you take will determine if their struggle lasts a few weeks...or for years. If you have time to work with your child, but you're not sure how to help them, then a personalized learning plan is perfect for you.

How it works:

  1. We will start with a call to learn about the problem. You'll share test scores, work samples, and any other relevant information.
  2. I'll analyze the information to pinpoint exactly what your child needs.
  3. I'll make a plan for you to work with your child. A typical plan lasts about a month.
  4. You'll work with your child for 10 minutes 2-5 times a week. I'll provide an overview of what your child needs, activities and drills to teach them this skill, and signs to look for to see if your child is improving.
  5. We follow up once the plan is complete to reflect on their progress and look at next steps.

Problem Solving: Is something about your child's school experience making you feel frustrated? Get the perspective of a teacher. This could be a single phone call or a series of meetings to support you. Here are things I have supported parents with in the past:

  • Finding the right school placement for your child (Traditional? Montessori? IB School? Magnet School?)
  • Discussing if your child should be held back or skip grades
  • Writing difficult emails to the teacher or school
  • What to do if your child has repeated behavior issues in school
  • What to do if your child feels anxious in school
  • The best way to share your child's personal needs with the school

Let's Talk!

Email: Hello@PrimaryFocus.tv

Make sure to include your child's age and grade level in the subject line


If you run an education company, then you know teachers are extremely reluctant to take on new technology and curriculum. The companies that are successful hire and listen to teachers. I speak the language of teachers and know exactly what they do and do not want. Reach out to learn more about:

  • product testing
  • market research
  • copywriting
  • demo videos
  • content creation
  • social media management
  • and more!

Email: Hello@PrimaryFocus.tv

Collaborations and Speaking Engagements:

Let's collaborate!

I'd love to speak at your next event, conference, or on your podcast. I'm an open book to share tips to help kids thrive in school or the experience of leaving teaching.

I love raising the voices of other creators and featuring brands in my videos, newsletter, social media, and websites. If you've got something (or you're someone) parents of 4-11 year olds would be interested in- please reach out.

Email: Hello@PrimaryFocus.tv