🍎 3 free ways to appreciate teachers

It's Teacher Appreciation Week! I've got three free ideas to celebrate.

🍎 3 free ways to appreciate teachers
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"I have to celebrate you, I have to praise you like I should" Praise You by Fatboy Slim

It's Teacher Appreciation Week!

I've got three free ideas to celebrate.

  1. Tell a teacher why they are great- just acknowledging they way they have helped you or your child's life is really meaningful. If you really like them, cc' the principal.
  2. Volunteer- this is a time of year that schools really need extra help. See if your school needs help with proctoring state tests or setting up school functions. If you don't have time, reach out to see if teachers (or support staff like guidance counselors) need snacks or supplies.
  3. Vote for public education- make sure your voter registration is up to date and start researching local officials and candidates that support public schools.

And if you are a teacher- thanks! Make sure you've done your research on all the free goodies and discounts you can get this week.

What's New? (contains affiliate links)

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🟩 Travel season: When you're traveling it can be easy to load up on screen time, so I found an alternative to get them thinking. These magnetic tangrams will challenge your kiddo to use shapes to create pictures. They have over 200 ideas and a magnetic board so they can use it anywhere .

Next week I'm going to share the important question you need to ask your child's teacher before summer break begins.

Til then,