3 tips for back to school...reader edition

Last week I asked you for your own back to school tips. Here's the top 3...

3 tips for back to school...reader edition
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Last week I asked you for your own back to school tips. Here's the top 3:

#3: 🥪 Don't pack their lunch everyday. Send it when you can, and the rest of the time they can have school lunch. It takes so much pressure off you! -C.S.

#2 🗓️ Include homework and project due dates on your shared calendar. -D.C.

#1 😭 Your child is more resilient than you think...this transition is harder on you than it is them. -S.H.

Thank you for all the submissions- you all are amazing. 💕

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What's New?

🗞️ News you should know: Last week, North Carolina passed HB 808 banning gender affirming care for youth, SB 49 which is NC's version of the "Don't Say Gay" bill, and HB 574 banning trans athletes from playing in women's sports. All these bills were vetoed by Gov. Cooper and then overridden by lawmakers. Many other states have lawmakers attempting to pass similar laws. They will look to states like NC for their strategy.

Primary Focus condemns these laws. These laws are discriminatory and target some of the most vulnerable children in our society. It makes school an unsafe place to be yourself or open about your family. It leaves parents, teachers, social workers, medical practitioners, and other important stakeholders unable to guide and support children that are most in need. 🎤

🖍 Behind the Scenes: Last week I released a video in partnership with TeeTurtle. They were so amazing to work with. Partnerships like this are special, because they mean I can continue supporting you with your child's education. Here's the plushie I shared in the video.

📸 More Behind the Scenes: The final piece of my new branding is finally happening this week! I'm getting branding photos and headshots taken. It's been so interesting working with a branding photographer, she really is interested in capturing my mission through photos. I can't wait to show you the pictures!

🎈 Reusable water balloons? I kept hearing about these, and I finally tried them. I went to the pool over the weekend and my friend had a set. They are brilliant! They are fun to throw at people, but honestly I sat there fascinated playing with them.

🍷 Wine Storage: A few months back I told you about water bottle organizers. I gave in and bought wine bottle holders too! They are made for cabinets, but I was able to stack two of them in my fridge for white wine. Now I don't have to pull out bottles of wine to see what else is in my refrigerator!

Have a great week!