😅 3 unexpected things to expect going back to school

Back to school time is a huge transition for families. But we got you! Even though it's exhausting- we are all going through it.

😅 3 unexpected things to expect going back to school
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3 Unexpected Things to Expect Going Back to School

🥱 Everyone's tired: Even if you continue to work over the summer, there is something very unstructured this time of year. Long daylight hours, fun activities, and junk food gives everything a relaxed feeling. Now that the kids are back on the daily grind there's so much more to manage. Cancel your weekend plans and give everyone time to chill.

🥪 Everyone needs lunch: I have no advice here. Ten years of teaching and I always forgot I needed lunch the next day. Shoutout to my husband who started making my lunches for me. Without him I would have had Wheat Thins every day.

🍎 Everyone's going through it: Extroverts, commiserate with your friends. Introverts, disappear 'til November. Whatever your vibe, all the school-going families are in the same flow. To help you get into that flow, I made a free download: Reset Your School Routine.

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