Free Download: 4 Easy Email Templates to Send the Teacher

For when you need to reach out, but don't know what to say.

Free Download: 4 Easy Email Templates to Send the Teacher

You ever need to write an email but can't figure out what to say? I got you!

This FREE download has 4 templates for the most common reasons why you would need to reach out to the teacher. Simply copy the words, paste, and edit to insert your child's name. It's so easy!!

Why will these emails work?

I used to be a teacher and I would receive emails like these on a daily basis. I know exactly what a teacher needs to hear and how to say it in as few words as possible. Teachers have limited time to check their inbox, so these templates will help you get to the point so you can solve the problem!

Email #1: An incident at school that your child did not tell the teacher about. How to share the incident and problem solve for future issues.

Email #2: Following up about an incident at school that the teacher did know about. How to ask for information to make sure you know the whole story.

Email #3: My child got in trouble. How to ask what happened, why the consequence was given, and how to prevent it next time.

Email #4: Academic Concerns. How to ask about what your child is struggling with so everyone can help your child improve.

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