๐ŸŽ‰ 4 FUN AI tools to try

Here's a few interesting AI tools I found- some for you and some for kids

๐ŸŽ‰ 4 FUN AI tools to try
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Last week I told you about ChatGPT writing incredibly reliable text. This week- I want to get into some of the incredible AI tools you can try. Here's the thing- watching AI write for you is just the start. This technology can fuel animations, games, and teaching materials. Here's a few interesting ones I found; some for you and some for kids:

Google Experiments has been piloting games using AI. I played Quick, Draw! which was like pictionary with a computer. It told me what to draw and within 20 seconds it will guess it. There were a ton of games that would be fun for kids and adults to play.

AI Club host online classes for children starting in 4th grade. They meet with a small group of children weekly to learn how to use and develop their own tools using AI.

Duolingo (popular language learning app) uses AI to write ย tutoring lesson plans for users.

Search engine Bing has changed how we search by integrating AI. You can use this for yourself, or if your child is interested in something, let bing teach them about it. You need to use the edge browser for best results.

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What's New? (contains affiliate links)

ChatGPT in Schools: Here's my video breaking down what we need to know about ChatGPT and students. I debunk some myths and show you how to use it with kids that want to try.

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