A book club for kids?

A book club for kids?
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"Summer breeze makes me feel fine, blowin' through the jasmine in my mind" Summer Breeze by Seals and Crofts

I hope you had a happy and safe Memorial Day Weekend!

Now that summer is here, academics will take a natural step back as the kids enjoy some freedom. But it's important academics aren't abandoned all together. Children can lose up to 6 months of academic progress over the summer. This is called summer slide. The good news is, it doesn't take much effort to keep them learning. Here are 3 ideas to keep them learning/reviewing this summer.

Educational Trips: this could be a day at the museum, visiting a historical building, or the summer camp you enrolled them in in December.

Summer Work Books: Commit to completing a page or two a day. Just pick out the grade they are entering (rising 2nd grader) and maybe a reward system for each week they complete. I like ​this one​ and t​his one​.

Kids Book Club: Get some kids together and ask them all to read the same chapter book. Every couple of chapters, meet up to discuss it. Here's a ​simple guide​ on how to start one.

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🎥 behind the scenes: Primary Focus has a new tagline: The Parent's Guide to Elementary School. You'll see this tagline at the top of my page so viewers know if my content suits them. Part of this has been really honing in on my niche and making sure the content I make supports my mission. What do you think?

🏎️ vroom: Mike and I went to the Indy 500 with my dad last weekend. Did you know the Indianapolis Motor Speedway is the highest capacity sporting event venue in the world? Over 330,000 people attended 😮

💄 travel hack: When I travel I never know how to pack my translucent powder. I need it to set my makeup, but it's in a cumbersome container that takes up so much space. I tried this ​travel compact​ over the weekend and it's great! I wish I had bought this years ago.

☀️ no sunburn summer: I'm starting my annual challenge: no sunburn summer. I keep these ​mini sunscreens​ in my purse so I don't get caught in the sun. They are only 1oz so they don't take up much space at all. I hope you take on the challenge too- it's an investment in your health 💛

Have a great week!