Are schools a worthy investment?

Over the past few weeks I followed the funding in public schools. Here's a few conclusions I drew while researching.

Are schools a worthy investment?
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"I believe the children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way" Greatest Love of All by Whitney Houston

Over the past few weeks I  followed the funding  in public schools. Here's a few conclusions I drew while researching:

Money is tight: Schools cobble together money from the federal, state, and local government along which grants and donations. Often it can take years to secure money and it does not adjust with inflation.

One thing to expect to see over the next year is schools fighting for more funding. COVID relief funds are drying up and most districts have not adjusted their budgets for inflation.

Some don't think it's worth it: It's hard to catch a law maker saying it directly, but many see public schools as a waste of money (check the comments on my youtube videos). Since they do not make a profit, schools are seen as a drain on the budget. Veiled arguments suggest funneling the money elsewhere or openly criticizing public schools and then withholding funding as punishment. They may argue there should be an "open market" for schools: but schools are not businesses. The return on investment is not literal cash- but I think educating children is an investment in the future.

These sentiments scare me because access to school is a human right. Defunding schools is dangerous. In the US it is already very clear that your zip code can determine the quality of your school. Can you imagine how inequitable it would be if the option of the free neighborhood school disappeared?

You have a say: School issues have a way of boiling under the surface. In fact, before the pandemic, I had not ever seen parents so interested and invested in what happened in schools. Keep an eye on your local school board, research how candidates feel about education, and vote regularly. Often school matters are determined in small elections with low turn out. Your vote and campaign donations really make a difference.


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