🎁 For the Last Minute Shoppers

This month, has been a whirlwind of holiday preparations and celebrations for me.

🎁 For the Last Minute Shoppers
Photo by Claudia Raya / Unsplash
"Hear those sleigh bells jingle jangle, oh what a beautiful sight" Here Comes Santa Clause by Gene Autry

This month, has been a whirlwind of holiday preparations and celebrations for me. Honestly, I was concerned that I would not enjoy the holidays as much being away from the elementary school, but now I see my love for all things Christmas is just as strong. For many others though, I know this time of year isn't as fun. Maybe you don't celebrate (and I'm sorry for another Christmas email in your inbox!) or...

  • The holidays are expensive: Turns out making magic for all your family and friends can add up quickly. In fact, the average American estimates they will spend $932 on gifts alone this year.
  • That inspired my newest video: 5 Awesome Dollar Store Gifts. I selected 5 meaningful and easy gifts that will not break your budget. It premieres tonight at 6:45. If you're reading this before then, take a second to hit "notify me" and like the video 😉

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Here's a few things making me smile:

  • 🐈 Pepper the cat: My sweet calico kitty has been obsessed with our Christmas tree. She stares at it, lays under it, and...eats it. She looooves the Christmas tree lights so much she has started trying to eat them. Last night I caught her staring at one for a while and then put it in her mouth. She looked sweet for just a second with her whiskers and nose lit up- but now we are on "tree watch" around the clock. 😹🙀
  • 🧁 Nailed It (Netflix) has to be the funniest game show on tv. Basically amateur bakers are challenged to make impossibly beautiful cakes- it's a competition for the best of the worst. The results have me screaming with laughter. If you need something family friendly to watch I highly recommend it.
  • 🎺 And a classic- I recently discovered Louis Armstrong's Christmas album and it's a treat. Make sure you listen to the end for his recording of 'Twas the Night Before Christmas: playlist

Happy Holidays,