How long is a child's attention span by age

Find out how long your child can sustain attention based on their age.

How long is a child's attention span by age
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Let's talk attention span...

Maintaining a child's attention is a skill, but no matter how exciting you are- there is a science to this. Children get about 2-3 minutes of attention per year old.

a 5 year old gets 10-15 minutes at best

a 7 year old gets 14-21 minutes at best

a 9 year old: 18-27 minutes at best

an 11 year old: 22-33 minutes at best

...But there is a limit to this. Adults can maintain their attention for up to 2 hours (cc your boss on this!)

This attention can be maintained if your child is calm, interested, and in a low distraction environment. As soon as you take one of these elements away, their attention span will plummet. If your child is not speaking their native language or is diagnosed with ADD/ADHD their attention span may be lower.

Are you respecting your child's attention span?

⏰ How long are they expected to stay at the table for family dinner?

⏰ How long does homework time last?

⏰ Do you ever build in breaks/wiggle time with your child?

⏰ Can you break long tasks into sections?

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