Improve your Child's Vocabulary

Improve your Child's Vocabulary
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"I wish you well with your weapon of jargon, you've got a double-sided lexicon. I've got to try to keep your attention, gotta write using less emoticons." Coyotes by Jason Mraz

You may have heard that ​reading with children​ and ​speaking with children​ can create huge advantages for their vocabulary. It leads to advice from pediatricians like "talk to your toddler nonstop" and "read every piece of print you see out loud."

True story: my mom was given this advice when my older brother was little, while my dad was out to sea with the Navy. She would narrate her day to him, particularly while driving. She would tell him about the roads they were driving on so often that when he was in preschool he drew a map of the San Diego freeway system from memory. 😱

This advice certainly helps- but what about when they are older? Reading and chatting is helpful, but most adults speak with a fixed vocabulary. Sure, we know more words, but they are saved for novels and work. Here's some simple tips to boost your kiddo's vocab:

📚 Read with intention: Before you read, look for 2-3 words in the book they may not know. Write them down and define them. Then ask your child to listen for the word while you read. Pro tip: google search the title of the book and "vocabulary."

📚 Read, again and again: Read books a few times in a week or pick up the chapter book you read last summer. Children of all ages can and should read books a few times to find new meaning.

📚 Cheat Sheet: Flocabulary has premade​ lists of vocabulary words​ broken down by grade. Take a look and start using those words. Some of the words may seem easy (like "island" on the 2nd grade list), but consider if your child could point it out on their own in real life. Understanding a word is not the same as applying it.

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