Just get to work!

One of the biggest issues families face in homework time is whining. This can turn a simple 10 minute routine into 45 minutes of fighting and 2 excedrin 😀.

Just get to work!
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"I just might have a problem that you'll understand, we all need somebody to lean on" Lean on Me by Bill Withers

Hurricane Ian left terrible destruction across the Caribbean and the United States. Before I get into homework help, I ask you to consider donating to Save the Children. They are providing supplies such as diapers, wipes, portable cribs, and water to children and families in Florida. πŸ’š

Lean on me: One of the biggest issues families face in homework time is whining. This can turn a simple 10 minute routine into 45 minutes of fighting and 2 excedrin 😀. If it isn't filled with tension, then your child may suddenly act helpless like they've never been school a day in their life...you decide which is worse.

If you've gotten to this point in homework time, it will take a while to reset your child's outlook. But, if you are committed, you can get the control back in homework time.

I've got some ideas for you:

  • It starts with you πŸ‘€: You're the role model and your kiddos are watching you to see your attitude on school. Whatever you do- DO NOT TALK SMACK ABOUT THE HOMEWORK! It doesn't matter how stupid the assignment is or how frustrating the project is- if you give any indication homework sucks, your child will get full permission to fight it.
  • Stick to the routine ⏱: In a previous newsletter I mentioned making a schedule. I urge you to keep with it- treat that time like it is sacred. If you are inconsistent, you are saying the time is not valuable. Even if there is a night with no homework, build in time to study or read together. If your child is fighting it, sit down with them the entire time. Distractions can be the biggest issue during homework time- you be defense keeping distractions away while they tackle homework. 🏈
  • Show them how to do homework πŸ“: Not the actual work- but how to get organized. Model turning off their phone/tablet, reading their assignments page, setting up their workspace, putting a big checkmark on their list. One of the hardest parts of an ominous task is getting started- give them the skills to begin working.
  • Dangle a carrot πŸ₯•: I'm sure you're ready to speed up the process- so make homework a black and white issue. If you follow through with the consequence or reward you probably won't even have to yell.
  • No ___ until your homework is done.
  • We can ___ after your homework is done.
  • I want to give you 30 minutes to ___, but if you take too long on your homework it will cut into that time.
  • If you get your homework done without complaining for 3 nights in a row, then we can ___.
  • ...and one for you too: If I can make it through homework time without ___, then I get a big glass of ___ πŸ˜‰

I'll be taking a break from the newsletter next week, but in the meantime, you can check out my newest video on pumpkins. This one is great for older kids in upper elementary and middle school.

Have a good rest of your week,