Kids vs Standardized Tests

Kids vs Standardized Tests
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"Help me if you can, I'm feeling down" Help! by The Beatles

We are inching closer to the end of the school year- but there's one big obstacle between students and summer break: and that's testing 😳

If your child is in public school it's unavoidable- every state has countless mandated tests for all grade levels. Many private schools have their own tests too. Once a child hits third grade, the testing gets more serious. This is because the federal government keeps track of third grade reading levels and how they correlate to their lives as adults.

So how can we take the pressure off kids?

It starts with us: If we complain about the test, they will complain out the test. If we seem stressed about it, they will get the message to be stressed. So I recommend staying calm. Then, if they come to you with big feelings, you can give them validation and love instead of extra things to worry about.

Tell them what to expect: Before the test, give them a brief overview of what to expect in their day. Don't forget to include what will happen after the test (they will probably have recess and resume their school day) and any fun details- like a special treat in their lunch.

Define "do your best:" Kids will hear endlessly that they need to do their best- but to many that translates to "be perfect." They should understand it actually means "you really tried." Sometimes doing your best means you really thought it over, but still had to pick a random answer.

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Have a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend!