❤️ Learning with Love & Logic

Last week I told you why my students used to hate me. It all changed when I read Teaching with Love & Logic.

❤️ Learning with Love & Logic
Photo by Anna Kolosyuk / Unsplash
"the love and the honesty that you gave me" Kind and Generous by Natalie Merchant

Last week I told you why my students used to hate me. It all changed when I read Teaching with Love & Logic. They make a few versions for parents , teachers , and various age levels .

It basically shows the adult in the room how to remain the calmest person there ready for anything. You learn how to be consistent, empathetic, trustworthy and at times a little disarming. But most importantly, it shows kids that you do things because - you love them and its logical.

Best of all- it's widely known in the world of teaching, so chances are kids will encounter at least one teacher who uses this method. If you're interested check out their YouTube channel  with tons of tidbits. The production is a little old school- but the advice is still fresh 😉

What's New? (contains affiliate links)

🎥 Behind the Scenes: I don't have a video to show you this week...I'm working behind the scenes to update my branding and look at my goals for Primary Focus. I'm working with someone from a very successful Youtube channel who sees my vision. I can't wait for you to see how Primary Focus evolves over the next few months. I'll still be posting short form videos, but for now the longer ones are on brief hiatus.

✏️ Funny teacher appreciation: A newsletter subscriber sent me this funny candle she is getting for teacher appreciation week (May 8-12). I actually lol'd when I saw it, so it's teacher approved.

🍎 NYC: Last weekend I visited my friend in New York. We had a blast exploring the city and catching up. We saw the Broadway Musical & Juliet. It was incredible! It uses songs from the 90s and 2000s to tell the story of Juliet...if she hadn't died at the end of Romeo and Juliet. The message was so good. It was a great show for all ages (there is a little bit of swearing in pop songs).

🧳 Packing Cubes: I tried using these packing cubes  during my trip and I'm hooked! Since I was staying in my friend's small NYC apartment they helped me stay organized. It was extra helpful since I learned her dog likes laundry- sorry Fido, my things were locked away!

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