Napping in the New Year

Looking back on last year- here are by top 5 videos from 2022.

Napping in the New Year
Photo by Cristian Escobar / Unsplash
"I tried to keep myself busy, I ran around in circles, think I made myself dizzy" Cranes in the Sky by Solange

Happy New Year! My husband and I had an NYE party that was a blast. We were so lucky to have friends come in from out of town to celebrate with us. We had a decades themed party and I went for a 1940s look.

Here's a few pics:

Looking back on last year- here are by top 5 videos from 2022:

#1: Are All Flamingos Pink?

#2 My Top 3 End of Year Teacher Gift Ideas

#3 All the Baby Farm Animals

#4 I resigned from teaching...a message from a teacher's broken heart

#5 Why I Quit Teaching

2022 was a huge year of transformation for me and I'm so honored to have you here. Thank you for subscribing and supporting me. I'm so excited to embark on my first full year outside of the classroom. It's been a joy growing Primary Focus full time.

Here's a few things making me smile:

  • 📺 Modern Family: I always like to have a friendly show on deck to pair with all the intensity on TV. I started Modern Family again from season 1 and so far it's still hilarious. The writing is so clever.
  • 🎨 Creative Mornings: Once a month creative mornings hosts an incredible program meant to uplift creatives and small business owners. I've started forming some friendships and gotten a lot of inspiration from these events. They have branches in over 200 cities- I highly recommend you go to one!
  • 😴 Rest and relaxation: If you've made it to the bottom of this newsletter, thanks for reading. January is filled with endless reminders to change everything about yourself for a "new year, new you." I want to remind you that you actually just accomplished another year in your life. If your body needs a nap- take it. The holiday season is relentless. You've got all year to make 2023 great. ❤️

Take care,