Silently Judging Your Kids

It's crucial that teachers understand your child so they can build a relationship with them and teach them everything they need to know.

Silently Judging Your Kids
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"Nobody can judge me but me." Church Girl by Beyoncé

I hope you're having a good week so far. This week begins my second year out of the classroom. It's still surreal to me I don't teach anymore. I used to be so stressed and busy this time of year, it feels so healthy to have a better work life balance. Scroll down to see a picture of me on my first day teaching!

3 ways your child's teacher is judging them

Ok, so judging is a little harsh of a word; assessing and observing are much more accurate. As they get to know your child they are observing to see their social, emotional, and academic abilities. It's crucial that they understand your child so they can build a relationship with them and teach them everything they need to know.

✅ How independently they work

Teachers are watching to see if your child can listen to directions and start work on their own. If they are confused, can they read the directions on the worksheet or use context clues to figure it out? Teachers are there to help, but their time is much better spent teaching skills to students than explaining basic directions again and again.

✅ How they interact with others

Teachers are watching to see your child's temperament and how they connect with their classmates. If they see your child is reserved, they may try to move them closer to students that make friends easily. If they see your child is a natural leader, they may get them a class job...or they may work with them on letting others lead.

✅ How they problem solve

This is a big one for classwork and working with classmates. All day long they will need to solve problems as they forget directions, need to get scissors, argue over the rules of the game, and share classroom space with others. For example, if someone's knee is in their space on the carpet what will your child do? Do they know how to politely ask the child to move?

Don't be afraid of the teacher's judgement- it's their job to help your child grow into the best person they can be. School is your child's chance to grow, thrive, and stumble in a safe place. The more mistakes they make now, the fewer lessons they will have to learn down the road!

From the archives 8/28/12: Sweet 21 year old Natalie on her first day as a teacher. Please note she made her bed and that's about the only thing in her life that's put together 🥸

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