Subtle Hints in Your Child's Report Card

There's a specific style teachers use to write report cards, but you only know if you know. Learn how teachers write report card comments to look for subtle clues if your child is succeeding or...not

Subtle Hints in Your Child's Report Card
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What their teacher is trying to tell you...

🚨 Midyear testing is happening and you are about to get a ton of data about your child. I urge you to listen closely to warnings. It's a lot easier to help your child now, than try to make changes in April.

Subtle comments: One thing to look out for on a report card is a description of how your child completes work. Read these report card comments:

  • Mary can independently complete addition assignments in class. She has mastered addition within 10.
  • 😐 Mary can complete addition assignments with teacher support. She can complete addition problems within 5, but needs support within 10.
  • 🚨 Mary is still mastering addition, and needs support from a teacher to complete assignments. Please keep practicing at home!

These comments have subtle differences, but paint very different pictures.

If you see a teacher indicating your child needs teacher support, that is a sign they are having trouble with the content or need more time to learn it. Reach out to ask if your child should be able to complete that type of assignment independently by now.

Why are teachers so subtle on progress reports and report cards?

Report cards are legal documents, so they are written differently than how your teacher would message you on ClassDojo.

We know that your child's report card may be used to judge them for admission at a private school or could even end up in front of a judge at a custody hearing. For this reason, the teacher may withhold some information.

I compare this to what your doctor said in your appointment, versus the notes they took for your medical record. The real communication is not happening on report cards, it's when you chat directly with the teacher.

Feeling confused about your child's test scores? Think they might need a different approach? Email to schedule a 1:1 call with me!

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