The Main Idea Song

The Main Idea Song

This is a sample lesson, teaching main idea and details to kindergarten & first grade

This video show how I teach Main Idea and Details to my kindergartners. I also used this song in first grade. I am the creator of this song, so please credit Primary Focus when using.

Lesson notes:
- This lesson is intended for nonfiction books
- Main idea and detail needs to be taught backwards. Focus in on finding details first. Then analyze the details to determine the main idea.
- Throughout this lesson watch for sign language I used such as my hands when teaching the song line by line, and "nose tapping" to show you agree.
- At the end of the lesson I opted to give the students the main idea. This is because it ended up being a little complex: Types of leaves on trees. In most cases kindergarten books are more direct such as "all about trees." I lead them to get the key words "leaves" and "tree" but then formed a sentence for them.

Thanks to Raz Plus for the book Which Tree?

00:00 intro
00:04 what are details?
00:25 Teaching the song
01:11 the Main Idea Song!
01:57 Read the story
02:24 Guided practice
02:55 Going over the details
03:15 Finding the Main Idea