🚫 This won't fly in school:

Teachers will never let your child say this...

🚫 This won't fly in school:
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"When you gon' get your act together? I ain't your mama"

Ain't Your Mama by Jennifer Lopez

There are a few words a teacher never wants to hear from your child:

"My mom forgot it"

Kids are throwing you under the bus ALL THE TIME at school. They'll claim their caretaker never put their homework in their backpack, they didn't pack their lunch, and their dad was supposed to put the permission slip in their folder.

But any teacher who emphasizes responsibility will NOT let that excuse fly! Instead they will respond:

"Your mom didn't forget it- you forgot it."

Sounds harsh...

But this conversation emphasizes responsibility. Because you're not the one enrolled in school, your child is!

Sure your may be the one that makes their sandwich, but it's your child's job to get it to the cafeteria.

There's a way you can help reinforce this lesson:

Let your child be in control of their school things.

This will look different depending on their age. You can support them by creating routines and putting their backpack in the same place every day.

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