3 games to prevent summer learning loss

3 games to prevent summer learning loss
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It’s just about that time of the summer. School has been out for about a month and the brain is starting to wonder do we really need everything in here?

Children's brains prune away synapses they aren't using to allow for more efficient function and growth of the synapses they do use. Translation: if a child isn't using certain skills, then their brain will erase it.

During long breaks from school, it it common for kids to lose 2-3 months of learning. But with a little intention it's completely preventable.

Here's 3 fun ideas to prevent summer slide:

🖍 Board games: lots of children’s games relate back to math skills. Check out kids ​Monopoly Jr.​ for handling money, ​Bananagrams​ for spelling, ​Apples to Apples Jr.​ for parts of speech + vocabulary building, and ​Sum Swamp​ for mental math.

🖍 Writing: This is the skill that’s easiest to loseIf your kiddos are creative encourage them to write a play, haikus, or make a comic book. You could also keep a family journal- ​learn how here.​

🖍 Flash Card Passwords: take 2-3 flash cards and tape them to your kitchen doorway. Anytime someone wants to enter they must read the password. This way they are reviewing sight words, multiplication tables, or anything else you might have on a flash card.

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