✏️ Hacks to Save Money on School Supplies

✏️ Hacks to Save Money on School Supplies
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"All that matters is that you treat me right, give me all the things I need that money can't buy." Love Don't Cost a Thing by Jennifer Lopez

I hate to bring it up- but back to school time is looming. Unfortunately, this means schools and society magically expect you to have tons of extra money for school supplies, school clothes, a donation to the PTA, a class t-shirt, and after school care. Yikes! 🤯

So I've got 3 easy ways for you to save some money on school supplies

Buy in bulk: If the teacher has asked for 10 pencils, they do not have to come in the original packaging. Take advantage of bulk deals and split a pack of 20 between your kids. Just make sure you put a rubber band around them.

For the long term- buy in bulk and save the extras in a drawer. That way the next time you need supplies, you can "shop" at home first instead of buying the same things every year.

Shop around: Staples, Office Depot, and Walmart all have specials on school supplies throughout July and August. The tip here is to check their websites before you go since some sales only last a few days. I found this roundup of Walmart's school supply sale, many items are only 50 cents.

Prioritize what you need: You may notice schools request multiples of some items or miscellaneous supplies like plastic bags. If you need to cut your budget- start there. Yes, your teacher will use those tissues, but they are also receiving 20 other boxes. Maybe you can send yours in when cold season actually begins.

I usually preach communication, but you don't need to mention this to the teacher. Teachers know school supplies are expensive and unless it's something really important, they will not reach out asking where your Clorox wipes are.

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