📓 Does my child need a tutor?

3 signs it's time to hire a tutor

📓 Does my child need a tutor?
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It's that time of year: Parent Teacher Conference Season! This is often the time of year that families hire a tutor. By the way- do you need help preparing for your conference? ​Check out my free guide here. ​

Three Reasons Why Your Child May Need a Tutor:

📝 Your child needs academic support: This is the classic reason why a child might get a tutor. Ask around to see if a teacher at your child's school does tutoring. Make sure to tell their current teacher and get an email going to the tutor can learn about current test scores. When I tutor, I like to ask for a recent test score, so I can compare their results again in a few months.

🍎 Homework is hurting your relationship: Is homework time becoming a fight? Is it overwhelming to complete homework while also managing everything else you need to do? These are all situations that can leave both of you feeling frustrated and resentful. You can outsource homework to a tutor.

🎓 Your child needs enrichment: Is your child is complaining they are bored in class? Are they gifted? Many people hire tutors to enrich their child's school experience. You could look into science lessons, advanced math, reading a novel together, or picking up an instrument. School can be frustrating for advanced students, so an enrichment tutor can help your child remember they love learning.

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