Growth Mindset #2: What to say when...

So why is developing a growth mindset so important for kids?

Growth Mindset #2: What to say when...
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"I wish I was a little bit taller, I wish I was a baller" I Wish by Skee-lo

Last week I explained what growth mindset is, this week I'm going to explain how it benefits children. To my new subscribers (hello!), if you missed last week's you can read it here.

So why is developing a growth mindset so important for kids?

  • Glad you asked: When you have a growth mindset, you understand that it takes time, effort, and intention to develop a skill- we do not just have talent.
  • Imagine in your youth - the single best time to develop skills - you believed some kids were just born to play basketball, but you weren't. So you don't try, so you don't play, and so you go through life feeling just a little slighted that Kobe was born that way and you never stood a chance.
  • Keeping a fixed mindsets affects children's confidence because they do not believe they need to try or put effort into things. It sneaks up on us the most with high achieving children. Many are shocked the first time they don't get something the first try...and respond by giving up.
  • So what do I do?: It's not very hard to model a growth mindset, it's all in the way you speak and approach challenges. Both when you are doing something alone or experiencing a challenge together, children will mimic your approach. Here are some examples of what you can say day to day:

  • After a while you may see your confidence grow too 😄 Next week I'll share some more examples of how to model growth mindset when your child is frustrated. If you're enjoying the series...will you share it with a friend?

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